About Be You & Our Mission

Be You, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit in Howard County, Maryland. Our mission is to empower youth to impact social change through leadership, technology, philanthropy and entrepreneurship. We engage middle & high school students in project based learning experiences through our coding clubs, workshops and social impact projects. Our clubs help them to discover their strengths, hone their passions and develop the confidence to make meaningful and impactful career choices.

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Coding Clubs & Computer Science


Our coding clubs offer instruction in computer science concepts at varying experience levels for boys and girls in grades 6-12. Group impact projects, presentations, speakers and field trips enrich the coding experience. The difference is in the classroom makeup. See our Club tabs in the menu about for more information.

Computer Science in HCPSS


See how the Howard County Public School System is working with code.org to offer new Computer Science courses and professional development for teachers on our  Advocacy page. 

Social Impact


The Social Impact Club is a year long, out school club for students in 6-12th grade looking to make an impact in their communities through innovation and social change. Participants work in project based teams to identify relevant social issues, develop impact projects and implement plans with the help of volunteer business and non profit community mentors.

The Social Impact Club is free to all participants. Registration for Fall 2016 is now open. To get involved, click here.

Collaboration within the Community 

Be You supports the following HoCoMD youth organizations  – Girls Who Code, How Girls Code, The Hackground & The Young Women’s Giving Circle. If your organization would like to partner with us, please reach out to info@hocobeyou.com. 


Partners & Sponsors

The following businesses and organizations have partnered with or supported Be You, ensuring our long-term growth, creating sustainable fundraising and building the infrastructure to support our expanding programming.

Thank you for being partners on this powerful journey!