Can you Be YOU?

Can you Be YOU?

Often times we have to be someone else, play a different part or pretend to be tougher, smarter, funnier, cooler, stronger than we really are. Sometimes we have to play far more difficult roles to fit in or, when we don’t, face the judgement and ridicule that come from standing up for ourselves.

HoCo BeYou is a voice for anyone who can relate to those feelings above. We want to encourage ways to proactively eliminate negative and aggressive behavior. We want to bring children and adults, teens and tweens, educators and community members all together to discuss fostering empathy and kindness in our community.

Are you interested in getting involved? Perhaps you just have something you’d like to add to the conversation. We welcome your voice. Please join us. 

OUR Vision:  All individuals raised in Howard County can enjoy an environment emphasizing kindness, empathy, individuality & acceptance.

OUR Mission: HoCo BeYOU gives everyone the opportunity to celebrate their uniqueness, accept their differences and increase their awareness and empathy for others while working in the community to make a difference in the lives of others.

Who & Why We Are : HoCo BeYOU works with individuals and organziation to encourage collaboration and empower them to “Be You” – their most authentic selves. By working with community organizations and volunteers, individuals are encouraged to gain acceptance, respect individuality, develop empathy & build teamwork while supporting the people and organizations in our community.

We believe that the receipt of kindness and by extending kindness to others, individuals demonstrate reduced stress and develop greater empathy for their communities, which benefits the general community overall


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