Women in Tech are coming together in a big way to make a difference in the local Tech scene. Several of us met down at the @DigitalHealth space last month to discuss what resources currently existed and what resources were needed to advance education, mentoring and funding for continued programs for women and girls in technology. The big takeaway from the meeting was that we needed to create a #Community of resources that could band together and pool what resources we did have to be more effectual and impactful as a larger group.

The goal of HoCo BeYou has always been similar. It has been to create a safe, inclusive environment where individuals feel safe, empowered and encouraged to be their authentic selves. To express themselves openly and creatively in a space that offers kindness and empathy to all and which focuses on making things that make a difference.

Mentorship is a huge part of the BeYou model. It is so essential that we provide role models or young people who look like them so they can see that careers exist for them in the fields they aim to shoot for. And not just jobs, but creative opportunities to impact the world and effect real change. Because that’s what is really driving the next generation. A young girls in particular. We are so encouraged by this direction.

The next event for this initiative is a Meetup on March 23rd at the Baltimore Robotics Center where we will be speaking on the topic of Mentoring. This is an open forum. All are welcome. http://www.meetup.com/Baltimore-Women-in-Computing-Meetup/events/220806190/

In the meantime, please check out my perspective on the Women in Business Report: What the Women in Business Report Means to Me As a Woman & HR Professional.

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