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Maryland State Policy Changes Makes CS Count Toward Graduation

In May 2015, The Maryland State Department of Education changed it’s policy to allow computer science courses to satisfy the state’s required high school tech credit. Prior to this, few courses qualified for the technology credit “bucket”, which narrowed the choices for students as an option from already tight state graduation requirements.

What This Means

More options means more diversity in tech graduates. Several school systems across the state, through the help of partnerships with Code.Org are providing professional development to teachers to teach Exploring Computer Science and Computer Science Principles to students to meet the new tech requirements. By offering increased options for kids to explore computer science throughout their high school experience, their chances of pursuing technical careers and computer science degrees beyond High School increases dramatically.
Check out this video- Exploring Computer Science
Check out this video – Computer Science Principles
An official AP® exam is set to go live in the 2016-17 school year with an exam and portfolio-based assessment. Find more information about the CS Principles project at:
2013 Data on the CS AP exam by State (with links to data by race & gender)

CS for All

Our coding curriculums are designed using original materials and incorporating free resources from, Khan Academy, Google & CSUnplugged. We prepare students for what’s possible with CS by exposing them to computational thinking and allowing them to explore what they can create with it. Our goal is to reach out to those students who are statistically underrepresented in the coding community. By collaborating with other nonprofit organizations and the public school system we are working to ensure access to computers and computer science resources for ALL middle and high school students. We are also providing free access to our workshops and lessons for educators looking for professional development learning opportunities. Help us to reach this goal by supporting our efforts today. Professional Development Learning is supporting K12 educators in teaching computer science and leading the movement to make CS a part of every young person’s education. Check out their page on Professional Development to learn more.

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