be.a.coder offers coding clubs to students in grades 6-12. Our clubs are designed to be inclusive of all students regardless of ethnicity, gender expression, socio-economics or ability to pay. Youth today will have a more dynamic and diverse college and career experience than their parents. Our clubs prepare them for this future while fostering their self-expression through art, technology and innovation.


GAME_LAB is a 10-week gaming club for students in grades 6-12. We offer hands-on experience with game development and design using languages and platforms like C# & Unity. Students will explore the dynamics of gaming & physics as they incorporate features into their games. Each student will create their own game to be shared on the club’s last day. Previous coding experience encouraged.


WebApps is a 10-week coding club for students in grades 6-12. The club is for students ready to transition from block-based coding to text-based programming. Our WebApps club allows students to begin problem solving with activities and lessons incorporating computational thinking tools – conditionals, loops, functions & variables using Javascript, Python & HTML/CSS. Students will also learn how to use computers as a tool for exploration and self-expression. Each student will create a final project to share on the club’s last day.


Throughout the year we hold coding events and workshops to engage more youth to tech. Join our mailing list to stay informed.

All classroom space and desktops are generously provided to us in-kind by Howard Community College. Diverse speakers from local companies Big Huge Games and Next Century have visited our clubs to share their stories and experiences in the workplace. We also receive generous support from local sponsors like the Howard Tech Council and the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship. If you or your company would like to provide speakers or volunteers or arrange a tour of your company contact

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