Girls Who Code offers computer science education to girls in grades 6-12. Students may choose from 5 “Pathways” related to themes of Art, Music, Fashion, GameDev & Storytelling. The pathways are focused on learning specific languages like Python and JavaScript while focusing on the Core4 CS Concepts: loops, variables, conditionals & functions. Girls will also complete community impact projects following Girls Who Code’s Innovation Cycle while also building their circle of sisterhood and discovering ways to use computer science to solve problems in their classrooms and communities. 

Club meetings:  Sundays from 3-5pm

Eligibility: Open to all girls grades 6-12 by enrollment only. All interested participants who self-identify as female are encouraged to enroll.

Cost: All instruction, materials, and curriculum are provided generously by Girls Who Code. HCC kindly provides classroom space and use of computers for our clubs and workshops. Donations are welcome to cover the cost of t-shirts, snacks, activities and additional expenses.

Registration: The club is full for 2016-17.

Join our Mailing List:

Start a Club: Start a Girls Who Code club at your middle school or high school



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