Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program Information Session


Girls Who Code will be coming to Columbia, MD this Thursday, 12/18 to talk about the exciting Summer Immersion program opportunities it will be offering in Summer 2015 for girls going into 11th or 12th grade the following Fall. This summer the Washington DC region has been added to the list of areas where summer immersion opportunities will be offered. To hear more about the program, Girls Who Code clubs (currently hosted at HCC & JHUAPL), and hear from last summer’s amazing alumnae, register to attend Thursday’s event at Howard Community College. Students, parents and educators are welcome!


Thursday, December 18th 4:30pm

Howard Community College

Health Sciences Building HS150

10901 Little Patuxent Parkway, Columbia, MD 21044

To join us, please RSVP HERE. (Please note that an RSVP is not necessary to attend.)

GWC Summer Immersion Program FAQ

Read more about the Summer Immersion Programs in this 12/15 article by NewTMSlogo.




Creating a Youth Makerspace for Knowmads & Entreprenerds.


Over the course of the past month I’ve been focusing more of my attention on the launch of two other programs I’m involved in, the Young Women’s Giving Circle of Howard County, and Girls Who Code. The YWGC is for girls in grades 9-12 who reside in Howard County and teaches them about philanthropy, fundraising, leadership, teamwork and local nonprofits. Girls Who Code is a new program launched at Howard Community College and JHU/APL that teaches computer programing to girls in grades 6-12. Part of my role in leading/advising these two groups is going out into the community and looking for partnerships to work with the girls. The YWGC partners with local non-profits that work to improve the lives of women and girls in #hocomd. GWC is looking to build relationships with local tech companies who will support GWC’s presence here in Howard County. We are so fortunate to have HCC and JHU/APL as our first sponsors providing us with the classroom space and computer facilities to put on the program here this fall. Their support so far has been incredible. But there is additional need for speakers, workshops, summer immersion programs and instructors for new club locations that will need local level help.

In the midst of all this, I’ve discovered the concept of the “Maker”. Aol recently created a feature called based on Women Who Make America. The idea is that there is a culture of DIY people out there, modern day inventors if you will, also referred to as Makers, Knowmads (knowledge seekers) or Entreprenerds (startup minded and technically oriented). These people are going out and doing it for themselves. Changing the landscape on their own. Not waiting for the formal systems & infrastructure to do it for them. All of this, especially in light of current election results, made me think that this is the model I want to encourage. These are the people, the youth and the youth at heart, who should be working together and inspiring each other. These are the individuals who could do great things and make a real difference in our community.

Wikipedia defines a Makerspace or Hakerspace as, “Centers for peer learning and knowledge sharing, in the form of workshops, presentations, and lectures. They usually also offer social activities for their members, such as game nights and parties”.

Lets create a Makerspace. A place for our community to come together to share ideas, tools, talents & resources with our youth and model leadership, community service and giving. It will be a place to conduct work, hold workshops, wood shops, art studios with volunteers from a wide variety of places and across all generations and cultures. We will promote the values of empathy, service to others and committing to a cause greater than our individual selves. It will be whatever we make it – a coop, community space, etc. With the caveat that all people are accepted, included and treated with kindness and empathy at all times.

If this sounds cool, nerdy and fun to you, send me an email me know you’d like to get involved or fill out the interest form on the how to get involved page. I’ll organize a meetup if enough people show interest.

Looking forward to a fun new adventure.

Kathy Barnett – BeYou Entreprenerd

Who and Why We Are

Can you Be YOU?

Can you Be YOU?

Often times we have to be someone else, play a different part or pretend to be tougher, smarter, funnier, cooler, stronger than we really are. Sometimes we have to play far more difficult roles to fit in or, when we don’t, face the judgement and ridicule that come from standing up for ourselves.

HoCo BeYou is a voice for anyone who can relate to those feelings above. We want to encourage ways to proactively eliminate negative and aggressive behavior. We want to bring children and adults, teens and tweens, educators and community members all together to discuss fostering empathy and kindness in our community.

Are you interested in getting involved? Perhaps you just have something you’d like to add to the conversation. We welcome your voice. Please join us. 

OUR Vision:  All individuals raised in Howard County can enjoy an environment emphasizing kindness, empathy, individuality & acceptance.

OUR Mission: HoCo BeYOU gives everyone the opportunity to celebrate their uniqueness, accept their differences and increase their awareness and empathy for others while working in the community to make a difference in the lives of others.

Who & Why We Are : HoCo BeYOU works with individuals and organziation to encourage collaboration and empower them to “Be You” – their most authentic selves. By working with community organizations and volunteers, individuals are encouraged to gain acceptance, respect individuality, develop empathy & build teamwork while supporting the people and organizations in our community.

We believe that the receipt of kindness and by extending kindness to others, individuals demonstrate reduced stress and develop greater empathy for their communities, which benefits the general community overall